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Something is coming this summer

2012-05-21 04:29:06 by CIA


Buenos dias!

2009-07-12 00:31:15 by CIA

It has been more then two years since I've been on this site. Its nice to bring back some old memories. Looking back my flash animations were terrible. I've fallen out of animation but If I ever did pick it up It would be drawn not with sprites. Jeez. How childish was that!

Well I'm 17 now. I doubt I'll be getting into flash again but I did pick up a nice skill to put on my resume!

Don't worry guys.

2007-08-06 21:11:22 by CIA

I have a PHD in kicking butt.


Don't worry guys.

Sprite TV 2 is coming out! The plans have changed!

2007-07-26 22:43:36 by CIA

I know a lot of you don't like sprite movies, and if you read the description for STV1 you would see that I said I gave up sprites. The new leader of STV2 is Glassbomb. Hes a really talented flash artist with both drawn and sprites.

I will be probably be doing only one part. However I will be apart of this. For any fans of the first one who asked for a sequel and you read that there will be no sequel. I've granted your wish. I'll also answer any questions posted in here.

Also, glass is about 10X better then me so expect this new one to have a lot more quality and we plan on learning from our mistakes.

Thanks, CIA

Glass set us up the bomb:
JOIN NOW! 0467/1

Word banning?! In America!?

2007-07-18 01:02:05 by CIA

Why the fuck should these assholes EVEN consider banning the word n****r Who do they think they are!? Yeah, blacks are the ones who are victims of racism! Wrong. You expect us to just sit and watch as our freedoms are just pulled away from us?! The ancestors of this country died to give us the freedoms we have today. Theres black pride, Hispanic pride, and even gay pride but one race who doesn't have a month and doesn't have a bullshit parade is the white race. Go ahead and call me a racist. Just prove to me how much of an ignorant prick you are.

I can say what ever fucking word I want.
N****r, Spic, Cracker, Honky, Fag. I'll say what ever I want.

It's up to me to decide if I want to say those words or not.

This isn't only about this one thing. It's happening more and more all over the country. Since the n****rr one affected me in New York I got pissed.

Yeah and fuck you newgrounds for banning the N word.

------------------------- IN OTHER NEWS

I make some comics now and then. When I do I put them on this stupid pizco shit. Mostly just to archive them.

If you want to see some fucked up racist comics
Be my guest.

Word banning?! In America!?